An all-in-one supplement for your pets

Boost your pet's immune system with a healthy and all natural pet supplement. It's available in powder and chewable form. Veterinarian Approved


Rosie is my 10 year old German Shepherd and my four legged baby. I found these biotics and with not only the turmeric in it, but many other natural ingredients. I have found that Rosie not longer has problems and it has been helping her walk a bit less without dragging her left back leg. I will continue to buy this product as it has helped my baby.


I have two dogs they have been itching and biting themselves here in Florida especially where their allergies are so high!

I tried the K9Biotics as recommended. I put it in their food. They LOVE IT! THE RESULTS with in a couple of weeks have been amazing! They are NOT biting at themselves or constantly itching themselves. They are more relaxed now and they feel so much better. My vet put them on Apoquel and Cytapoint injections. Now I no longer give them Cytapoint injections and I weaned them off the Apoquel. I really don't like pumping them with all this medicines.

I rather try a more natural and healthy approach. This is one of the best products. Their coat is healthy ad also my dog has a sensitive stomach which I was constantly giving him Pepcid medicine and since giving him the K9Biotics his stomach is so much better!! No more Pepcid! I am SO HAPPY with the results!!


K9 Biotics is amazing! My 12 year old golden retriever has the energy he had 5 years ago! His GI tract is better. My 4 year old lab stopped licking her paws all the time. Would highly recommend this product.

Jill K

Barney is my 12-year old yellow Labrador Retriever. He has been doing quite well on a quality diet. The addition of the greens supplement is providing my senior dog with a foundation of very beneficial ingredients to enhance and better booster his immune system in the aging process. I have noticed a difference in his skin and coat!

Iris and Barney

My little chihuahua had eye ulcers and had surgery. I placed her on the K9Biotics and she is thriving now. I would not miss a day. 


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