Is your dog on Apoquel and Cytopoint Shots? Read this ASAP! K9Biotics works.

How many animals need to be on Apoquel when you have K9Biotics?

I have two dogs they have been itching and biting themselves here in Florida especially where their allergies are so high!
I tried the K0Biotics as recommended. I put it in their food. They LOVE IT! THE RESULTS with in a couple of weeks have been amazing! They are NOT biting at themselves or constantly itching themselves. They are more relaxed now and they feel so much better. My vet put them on Apoquel and Cytapoint injections. Now I no longer give them Cytapoint injections and I weaned them off the Apoquel. I really don't like pumping them with all this medicines.
I rather try a more natural and healthy approach. This is one of the best products. Their coat is healthy ad also my dog has a sensitive stomach which I was constantly giving him Pepcid medicine and since giving him the K9Biotics his stomach is so much better!! No more Pepcid! I am SO HAPPY with the results!!