Skin Issues - K9Biotics

We are SO happy with the product we purchased. Our Mini Aussie has not been nearly as itchy and I noticed her scaling skin is improving day by day. Honestly, her overall demeanor has improved as she is not in constant discomfort.

K9Biotics offers your canines an all in one probiotic and enzyme supplement with 40+ ingredients that will replace all your additional supplements you are currently using daily in your pet’s bowls. K9Biotics has helped reduce his redness throughout his body.



K9Biotics is amazing. My 12 year old golden retriever has the energy he had 5 years ago! His GI tract is better. My 4 year old lab stopped licking her paws all the time. Would highly recommend this product.


Barney is my 12 year old yellow Lab. He has been doing quite well on a quality diet. The addition of the K9 Biotics supplement is providing my senior dog with a foundation of very beneficial ingredients to enhance and better boost his immune system in the aging process. I have noticed a difference in his skin and coat!


My little Chihuahua had eye ulcers and had surgery. I placed her on the K9Biotics and she is thriving now. I would not miss a day.