I am so happy my friend Nancy told me about the Holistic Pet Store in Boca. My dog Angelo had a rash on his stomach and chest that no matter what I tried would not go away. The vet gave him shots, medicated shampoos etc... Nothing worked. Nevertheless costing me hundreds of dollars. I felt so helpless. It hurt me to see my boy scratching all the time. I told the owner of Holistic what was happening and she suggested I buy the “K9 Biotics”. I am sooo happy to say that the rashes are gone! I’m so happy for my dog Angelo! No more scratching! I also changed his food to the “Primal” raw food. He loves it! He licks his bowl clean! If anyone is having this problem, try the K9 Biotics! It really works!

Before and after with the use of K9Biotics your allergy supplement. Food is medicine and our supplement provides your pets with the proper balance of nutrients that are not in their dog food. It provides Quercitin which removes the histamine from their allergy bodies.
Here is Kane’s progress. We switched him from kibble to raw food and we started supplementing with coconut oil, greens and goats milk. We also treated his bad spots with coconut oil and Apple cider vinegar! He’s much happier now, still some residual itching but much much better!